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Congratulations on your decision to beautify your precious body! Please take your time when browsing through Sculptshe's Info Zone, as you will encounter some basic, yet very crucial information to help you prepare ahead of time, and have the perfect garments on hand when you are having your surgery.

Why you need a faja?

  • Faja is a compression shapewear used for recovery after liposuction, tummy tuck, or BBL patients to heal scars neatly, control the swelling and guarantee that the skin tightens appropriately. With fajas, we are talking severe but comfortable compression levels. The compression level is in three stages: stage 1, stage 2, and stage 3 compression.
  • Here are a few benefits of wearing compression fajas:
    - Aids the attaching of flabby skin to the muscle.
    - Lessens inflammation in the tissue.
    - Reduces the discomfort and agony after liposuction.
    - Fluid retention prevention.
    - It stops bleeding.
    - Sagging is reduced.
    - It improves your posture.
    - Gives you control and assistance with your recovery.
    - Increases circulation and decreases inflammation.
  • The sort of surgery you have will decide which post-operative compression garments you will need to wear, i.e., needing stage 1, 2, or 3 fajas. These garments are available in a wide range of sizes and designs to fit various cosmetic treatments. This is why your doctor’s advice is essential hence why they should be in the know on every detail and process of your surgery.




Day 0 to 14, You will be swollen, sensitive, possibly in pain from your surgery, and most likely bloated. During this period, you will need mild compression and be using a Compression Garment that is one size bigger than what you were wearing before surgery. Stage one garments are worn during the first 1-14 days following your procedure. The Stage 1 faja is a low compression garment meant to fit loosely and should be worn during the day. Their sole purpose is to support the body after the trauma of surgery, so only provide light to medium compression. The goal of stage 1 faja is to allow your body adequate fluid circulation for complete healing and draining. It is not intended to fit or contour like shapewear or a waist trainer. Please note that fluid is inserted into the body during liposuction or tummy tuck to allow for fat removal. You must have enough room between your body and the faja for this fluid to drain and your delicate skin to begin to heal. Part of what you begin to notice is- your stage 1 faja feels firm at first but gradually loosens over the first few weeks of healing. Congratulations! It indicates that your body is draining fluids and performing the necessary functions.




Stage 2 Fajas begins two weeks after surgery and runs for four weeks ( From Week 2 to Week 6). This faja aids with snatching the tummy, back fat and also sculpting the waist, hips, and midsection depending on where compression is most required. During this time, you need moderate compression, therefore you will go one size smaller than your Stage One size. The significance of stage 2 is light sculpting and plenty shaping up. Yes, your surgeon has done the magic; now the rest depends on you giving yourself a lot of TLC and the use of proper compression to avoid fat bulges or fat balls and bumps. Stage 2 compression garments provide more intense therapy to match your body’s healing. Your body generally healed during stage 1; the cuts or incisions might have been painfully raw and inconvenient. By stage 2, your body has recovered a bit. Still, it requires firm support yet lighter compression as you gradually return to your daily life. Stage 2 fajas are known to complete the deal for final recovery and delivering the best possible surgical results. The stage 2 fajas come with high compression tummy control of the abdomen region, sometimes with a zipper closure reinforced with a hook and eye closure.




By this time, you should have healed, be up to 90% free of swelling, which will allow you to go for tighter and firmer compression to continue to shape and define your silhouette. You may be ready for a different garment style in a smaller size for firm compression during this time. Please be aware everyone is different. If you have not met this milestone, it's ok, be gentle with yourself. Always remember, you have invested in yourself. After-care is an integral part of this new journey. Post-op is a process, and it's essential to treat yourself very gently, let yourself get pampered, take your vitamins, supplements and use proper compression. Note: when selecting a faja garment, use the sizing charts. The most effective is using your hip measurements as a guide since that is usually the largest area of the body and where the faja garments need to go over. Once the garment is on, you are able to use foam and boards to add compression.