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Say hello to the new mom's best compressed secret, Sculptshe Post-pregnancy garments. Designed to transform your body's power to heal after natural childbirth, this new collecion offers ultimate comfort and postpartum support where you need it.

Love Your Body

Our Postpartum shapers celebrate the incredible milestone with comfortable support to restore your body with confidence!

Unfortunately, most women are unhappy with there bodies after giving birth and a lot of times it’s because of the weight gain, the stretch marks and other changes that come with pregnancy, Because our body goes through a drastic change , We usually recommend after you give birth if it is natural birth you can start as soon as 2 weeks after delivery , If you are C Section we recommend to wait at least 3 weeks or unless cleared by your doctor.

A lot of new moms turn to shapewear and waist training after pregnancy as a way to boost their confidence. Obviously, we are in favor of that and we want to provide you with the inspiration to feel great about yourself. But before we into inspire you, there’s one thing we would like to mention : True Confidence and Beauty starts from the inside out. We hope you love and embrace your post-pregnancy body no matter what stage you’re at, because your body has done a miraculous thing and that thing is create a life aren't us women so amazing ,True beauty has no size or number on the scale.

You Deserve to Feel Confident

Our Post-Pregnancy Collection is expertly designed to help you feel and look good after childbirth. Each postpartum compression garment provides targeted support to your core muscles and pelvic floor—to those swollen and sore, stretched out and loosened-up areas most affected by pregnancy and delivery—to quickly (and conspicuously) smooth and shape your muscles back together post pregnancy.


Gentle daily compression may help your uterus quickly shrink to its original size. It can also reduce fluid retention and bloating, and help push extra fluids out.


Help minimize back pain and have the extra support needed to keep your posture strong and straight when you’re breastfeeding and taking care of your baby.


Our silhouette-shaping postpartum compression garments help stabilize your stomach, back, and hips, so you can get back on your feet faster, feeling and looking your absolute best.

Why You Need Compression

Forget about “constricting” or “binding” your body — it’s been through enough already and deserves a little pampering now. As your organs and abdominal muscles settle back into their pre-pregnancy positions, our unique Post-Pregnancy Collection naturally contours the body and helps stimulate its response to healing. By combining comfort with function for daily use, our post pregnancy garments instantly shape and smooth your waistline while supporting your abdominal muscles.

Our post-pregnancy compression garments stay well-hidden underneath your clothing, providing you with an all-day solution to quickly and confidently reclaim your body, and help improve the tautness and smoothness of your skin, after childbirth.