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Why Does Post-Surgery Shapewear Gain So Much Favor in 2022?

Why Does Post-Surgery Shapewear Gain So Much Favor in 2022?

Why Does Post-Surgery Shapewear Gain So Much Favor in 2022?

When shapewears reigned centuries ago, the main purpose of this undergarment was to accentuate breasts, waist, and hips of women. These kinds of shapewear – most came in the form of corsets – helped women instantly go a size down and make the body seem smaller.

But in this day and age, shapewears have changed and are not only used for beauty purposes. They are now more comfortable, affordable, and have a lot of health benefits that is why they gained the stamp of approval from many women.

Right now, there are many types of shapewear available in the market but among the most popular are the compression garments. But what is it really for? And why is it becoming so popular to many women? Read on to find out more about compression garments and why you may need one now, or in the future.

What is a post surgical compression garment?

Compression garments are elastic clothing made usually from elastin and nylon. This type of shapewear has become very popular among athletes, and is widely used for medical reasons. They are used to provide support to people who have undergone surgeries to improve blood circulation and speed up recovery. Compression garments play an important role in recovering from surgical procedures such as C-section, liposuction, breast surgery, face lifting, and more.

Benefits of wearing post surgery shapewear

From reducing postoperative pain and swelling to accelerating your recovery process, post surgery shapewear has a lot of benefits more than you know. To learn more about compression garments, we’ve rounded up the five benefits of wearing post surgery shapewear.

1. It can speed up your healing process


Recovering from surgery can take a lot of time especially if you underwent C-section or plastic surgery. That is why there are doctors who usually advise using a post surgical compression garment. What this shapewear does is that it holds your body tighter to improve blood circulation, minimize swelling and bruising, and reduce postoperative pains. Through these benefits, your body can heal faster.

Sculptshe’s postpartum recovery tummy control body shaper not only helps you speed up the postpartum recovery but also makes it a little easier to fit into pre-pregnancy clothes. This body shaper features a zipper crotch for easy access to the toilet, removable straps, and a 3-level hook and eye front closure for a desirable adjustment.

2. It can help improve your blood circulation

Trying to get back into your normal routine after your operation can be a challenge because moving too much too soon can slow down your recovery. However, limited mobility has its downside as well as it can lead to blood clots due to lack of proper blood circulation. The pressure your compression garment puts on your body allows your blood to flow freely. This reduces the risk of developing blood clots.

If you want to improve your blood flow across your body, this 3-in-1 full body shapewear could be the right choice for you. It provides you 360° body compression for full body management, and is suitable for postpartum women, and those who have undergone C-section and liposuction surgery.

3. It can lessen the chance of swelling

Postoperative swelling occurs when there is an increased fluid movement and build up to the affected area. As mentioned previously, compression garments improve blood circulation by steadily squeezing the affected area. This means, using this reduces the amount of fluid buildup, and can help prevent swelling.

If you underwent a liposuction or breast surgery, prevent the treated and nearby areas from swelling by wearing this post surgical bra arms and breast compression top from Sculptshe. This post surgical liposuction compression mastectomy bra has a 3D stereo mold cup around that gives you smooth and full coverage of your breast. It provides a gentle compression to reduce pain and swelling, and greatly improve your results after an operation.

4. It can reduce postoperative pains

It is a proven fact that a postsurgical body shaper has a lot of health benefits for people who underwent operations. But how can a compression garment really reduce pain after surgery? The answer is simple: the same pressure that helps minimize swelling also helps limit the amount of pain in your body. The steady pressure that a compression garment provides helps you to feel more comfortable.

Get the maximum body support you need after your operation with this firm tummy compression bodysuit that tightens your body with constant pressure for a more comfortable healing process. It has an open crotch design so you can smoothly access the bathroom, a 3-front hook closure to wear it and take it off easily, and wide shoulder straps to provide better body support and make you feel comfortable.

5. It can minimize skin sagging

Whether you’ve had C-section or plastic surgery, the procedure can leave behind sagging skin. And sometimes, it can take several months for your skin to return to its form. For a quicker solution, compression garments are your best option as these can help reduce the appearance of sagging skin. A compression garment achieves this by holding your skin and internal tissues and muscles in place while they heal.

Sculptshe’s 360 lipo foam post surgery abdominal board is a great option for postpartum women, those who had C-section, liposuction, or tummy tuck procedure because it holds your tummy well. Aside from this, it also avoids the girdle from bending and causing skin folds. This abdominal board also has a velcro closure allowing you to adjust its compression to your liking.

With these awesome benefits, post-surgical shapewear, without a doubt, are not just a trend but is here to stay. Get the extra support you need after surgery with Sculptshe’s high-quality body shapers that will not let you break the bank to achieve your desired look.