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What kind of shapewear you can consider in 2023?

What kind of shapewear you can consider in 2023?

What kind of shapewear you can consider in 2023?

While we are all hoping that 2023 is better than any year, there’s something that hasn’t changed. Women need to wear shapewear under their outfits. No matter if they are skinny or gained weight during the pandemic, shapewear is still very much a staple piece in our closets and they don’t seem to be going anywhere.

And thanks to social media and some influencers and celebrities, shapewear keeps becoming very popular amongst women of all ages. If you have never owned one, but are looking to get yourself a body shaper, here are some tips for you and our recommendations to consider during this 2023.

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You have to start by having the type in mind. There are plenty of brands and types and they’re not all created equally. If you are buying online, is it highly recommended that you read the description of every piece. This way, you’ll have an idea of what each specific shapewear is capable of doing or achieving. Some will just smooth you while others might give you in place thanks to the high control they offer. A plus size waist trainer won’t be the same as a shapewear bodysuit or shaping shorts.

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Another aspect to have in mind is comfort. There are many different types and of course, you won’t be able to wear the same shapewear with every outfit or any occasion.  For warmer weather, it is ideal that you get shapewear that is less constricting and lighter and that will prevent you from overheating or sweating. And if possible, have functionality in mind when you are looking for comfort. Pieces with shorts attached or shapewear shorts will help you prevent chafing which usually causes lots of discomfort and pain.

I’m sure when something doesn’t fit you properly it might be the start of a ruined night. It is important that you pick the correct size. Usually, if someone picks a size that is smaller, they’ll be creating unwanted bulging, extra sweating, and lots of irritation. If possible, look for pieces that have no-slip waistbands and hems and that won’t shift too much when you are moving and walking.

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 Even if some shapewear has additional features that will help them keep in their place, it is normal for rolling to happen, so, if your shapewear has shoulder straps, that will be very helpful. And the open bust options will be good for the ones who want strap support but not full compression or body control.

 Other pieces to have in mind are bodysuits, high-waisted seamless body shapers, and shaping shorts. To be honest, whatever you feel you need according to the clothes you have and the occasions you want to use them for. It really depends on your own needs.