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What Are The Changes To The Body After Wearing A Shapewear

What Are The Changes To The Body After Wearing A Shapewear

What Are The Changes To The Body After Wearing A Shapewear

For many women, Shapewear has become known as clothes to beautify their silhouette and enhance their body even more. After all, what adult woman has never tried modeling shorts, modeling underwear or super-slim bodysuits that promise to suck, smooth and squeeze all the classic problem areas? Even Kardashians are fans of the form-fitting model!

Many people see best shapewear for women as an occasional addition to the wardrobe, with the aim of extending features and decreasing visible problem areas under special occasion clothing. For others, however, these stretchy underwear are a way of life.

According to some reports, even users who went too far while they were wearing their shapewear. They actually felt their organs compressing and causing some unwanted effects, including acid reflux, incontinence, varicose veins, bacterial infections and even serious nerve damage.

Beauty doesn't have to mean pain especially when that pain comes with significant and lasting internal damage. It is important that you make the proper use, choosing the right size and that the piece is just an addition to keep your silhouette even more aligned with the clothes of your daily use.


See 4 reasons that can cause discomfort when using shapewear the wrong way.

Swelling and harmful gases

Wear some shapewear too tight and are having embarrassing gas-related issues every day? While some people may not be willing to give up their beloved shapewear for a big night out on the town, they  can cause an uncontrollable gas fit at your next social gathering.

If you want to avoid permanent tummy problems, perhaps watch what you eat before dressing your body in tight clothing, or perhaps consider discarding any shapewear for good.

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You can have acid reflux if you use it every day

Your shapewear might make you love the way you look in tight dresses and tight ensembles, but all that tightness and pressure can cause some less-than-desirable internal effects. Thus, this is by making you feel mild discomfort or even moderate pain in your stomach. Worse yet, it can lead to or even aggravate reflux disease which would not be pleasant for you.

Therefore, if you experience severe heartburn symptoms every time you wear it, you may want to reconsider your choice of underwear. Or at least consider trying a slightly larger size.

It can reduce your circulation

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If your underwear, jumpsuit or patterned shorts leave an undeniable mark on your skin, they're definitely too tight.

Another caution you should watch out for, as it can reduce your circulation.

Superconstrictive shapewear can reduce circulation and potentially even cause blood clots, varicose veins and lymph congestion.

So, if your ankles and calves feel swollen and you feel a tingling or burning sensation when wearing your shapewear, take off your clothes and add size when purchasing the next slimming pair. Your swollen limbs will thank you as well as your blood flow!

Can lead to urinary tract infections

In turn, waiting too long to pee can lead to a urinary tract infection. In other words, women who are already prone to urinary tract infections may not do well in their quest for shapewear unless, of course, they listen when they obey their body's will.

Wearing tight-fitting and restrictive underwear made from synthetic fibers can also promote the growth of UTI-causing bacteria. As the site notes, cotton workout clothes are the safest bet, as the fabric is breathable and discourages yeast growth.

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That is, regardless of your choice regarding the shapewear you want to wear. Always try to observe the exact measurements and, if necessary, use a larger size that is comfortable in your silhouette.

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