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Waist Trainer Trend is Back —and Yes, It's Hotter Than Ever

Waist Trainer Trend is Back —and Yes, It's Hotter Than Ever

Waist Trainer Trend is Back —and Yes, It's Hotter Than Ever

From as far back as the 16th century, women have been facing pressure to have a certain body shape and this has led them to use all kinds methods to achieve the coveted hourglass figure. Restrictive corsets that left everyone breathless and can only take morsel of food were fashionable. While having the hourglass figure were popular in the 50s, thanks to stars such as Marilyn Monroe. Fast forward to the early 2010s, there was a shift in the fashion world towards curvy figures where smaller waists and fuller hips became popular again. Again, this change was influenced by celebrities like the Kardashian sisters, Beyonce, Rihanna and many more.

The social media platforms such as Instagram has helped create the awareness of the 'snatched waist' look using waist trainers due to the endorsement of these celebrities. Waist trainers is similar to a corset and is usually made using latex or neoprene material.  It is worn around the waist with a Velcro strap or hook and eye closure that can be tightened gradually. A waist trainer is worn to tone, slim and create a slimmer waist and an hourglass figure. When use on a regular basis it can effectively minimize the waistline. As the trend of wearing all kinds of backless shapewear, high waist shaping shorts and waist trainers has wield a strong appeal, there is a wide range of waist trainer with different designs and functions.

Waist Trainer Trends 2022

It is now one of the biggest fashion and workout trend as women of all shapes and sizes are shaping their waists, intensifying their workout and building confidence. Waist trainers are an ideal choice if you want to slim the midsection but not want to wear a full body shaper. They have swept the fashion world all over. If you are feeling motivated and are serious about waist training, below are some of the top waist trainers that trending hard right now. You may want to choose your favorite or get several of them to wear on rotation.

Best Latex Waist Trainer

Made with four rows of hook and eye closures, this high compression garment will instantly shrink the waistline by a few inches. It features high quality three-layer composite fabric and reinforced with flexible 20 steel bones to help attain the hourglass shape. This waist trainer is ideal for everyday use and can be worn underneath work clothes, casual outfits or evening dresses.


Sculptshe 20 Steel Bones 4 Row Hooks Latex Waist Cincher

Latex Snatched Waist Trainer Vest 

This waist trainer vest allows you to enjoy extra back support and coverage with its high back design. Besides offering firm compression to the waistline, getting rid of love handles and muffin tops, this waist trainer vest also help to provide back support and improve posture. It features an open bust design where you can wear your own bra and since it rises to below the bust, it can give the breast a lift. You can wear this waist-slimming garment comfortably all day. 

Sculptshe Latex Snatched Waist Trainer Vest

Double Belt Sports Waist Trainer

This sports waist trainer will make working out a cinch. Featuring a zipper closure, the double Velcro belt closure will securely tighten the waist trainer to ensure maximum compression. It is easy to wear and take off. This latex belt will stimulate heat and perspiration around the midsection and reinforced with flexi steel boning. The special curve design will offer the best support to the abdomen and lower back. It can be worn during cardio, high-intensity workouts or just brisk walking.

Sculptshe Latex Double Belts Sport Corset Waist Trainer

Waist Trainer Hourglass Body Shaper

When you are ready to take waist training routine to the next level, this beautiful underbust shaper will get the job done. It can be worn every day as part of a daily waist training routine. It gets its slimming power from the three rows of hook and eye closure and 9 flexible steel bones built into the garment. This waist trainer will create a dramatic slimming result, improve posture and boost confidence. The long front is designed in such a way to cover the whole abdomen while the short back hugs the natural contour for a more comfortable wear. It also has a front pocket to hold your cellphone.