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The Best Shapewear Brand To Kickstart Your Stylish Wardrobe

The Best Shapewear Brand To Kickstart Your Stylish Wardrobe

The Best Shapewear Brand To Kickstart Your Stylish Wardrobe

 Whether it’s for special occasions or everyday wear, it is worth discovering timeless shapewear styles because they go way beyond trends. These styles will help you build that dream wardrobe where you can easily mix and match with your most fashionable pieces, and enhance your natural beauty.

 However, looking for the best shapewear is not always a walk in the park. The challenge is finding the one that is comfortable, durable, and stylish but not expensive. And with so many shapewear brands out there, it can be quite difficult to know where to start. Well, good news for you! Consider your research done because the brand you are looking for is here — Sculptshe. 

Sculptshe is a shapewear brand that mainly focuses on women’s body shaper and post surgery compression faja that aims to enhance every woman’s natural beauty, helping you feel confident, sexy, and poised. From bodysuits to waist trainers, this premier manufacturer of high-quality women’s shapewear carefully curates the latest, trendiest, and most effective garments to ensure they deliver one of the best products in the market. Not only are their designs timeless but the fabrics are also made only with the best technology, produced with excellent infrastructure.

Sculptshe’s line of shapewears

Their collection includes classic undergarment pieces like bodysuits, waist trainers, shorts, and post surgical body shapers. Each one is designed to enhance a woman’s natural beauty, helping you feel more empowered. Learn more about Sculptshe’s shapewear products below:


Sculptshe Backless Thong Bodysuit

 A bodysuit is like a woman’s best friend whenever she calls for maximum overall shaping. This type of shapewear gives you smoother body curves with its higher coverage. There are different kinds of bodysuits that fit any purpose whether you want to eliminate the bumps on your sides, or give your bust an extra lift.

 If you are going out for a date night or attending a formal event, wearing a glamorous gown that accentuates your body will always be an option for you, right? Luckily, Sculptshe has a backless thong bodysuit that is just right for your low-cut neckline. This bodysuit allows you to adjust it to your liking as it features three adjustable rows of hook and eye closures at crotch.

Waist trainers

Sculptshe Adjustable Firm Control Waist Trainer

 Unlike a bodysuit, this type of shapewear mainly focuses on one part of your body — your waist. A plus size waist trainer is similar to a corset but it features a velcro strap or a hook and eye bra-style closures that can be wrapped around your body to tighten your waist and flatten your stomach, giving you the hourglass shape.

Sculpthse’s adjustable firm control waist trainer is perfect if you want an easy-to-use and adjustable shapewear. Not only does it help you achieve a slimmer figure but it also corrects posture, eliminating lower back pain. And if you want to pair it with your outfit of the day, this waist trainer is great because it comes in four stylish colors. This type of waist trainer is perfect for sports, cycling, and weightlifting, helping you burn calories faster.


Sculptshe High Waisted Seamless Body Shaper

 Another type of shapewear you would want to add to your wardrobe staple are the shorts. This style features a high waistline designed to flatten your tummy, hide your muffin top, and slim your thighs. Whether you are the type of woman who loves to wear dresses or jeans, shorts go well with anything and give you an instant hourglass figure without burning too many calories through workouts.

 This high waisted short from Sculptshe is seamless, designed to be unseen under your clothes while enhancing the shape of your buttocks. It features a type of fabric that is soft, skin-friendly, breathable, comfortable, highly elastic, and seamless. Worrying about going to the toilet when wearing this? Well, Sculptshe has you covered. This short has an open gusset so that it will be easier for you when nature calls you.

Post surgical body shapers

Sculptshe 3-in-1 Postsurgical Body Shaper with Removable Bra

Shapewears are not only designed to give you a sexier figure but it is also beneficial for those who underwent surgeries. In fact, there are shapewears specifically designed for it — the post surgical body shapers. A post surgical compression garment is used to speed up the recovery process after a procedure. If you are undergoing a surgery, what you wear after is important as it plays a role in your healing process.

Sculptshe’s 3-in-1 postsurgical body shaper with removable bra provides 360° body compression for full body management. This shapewear is suitable for postpartum women, and for those who underwent C-section, and liposuction surgery. This post surgical body shaper from Sculptshe provides strong compression to mold your midsection, while promoting soft tissue recovery and accelerating your body shape recovery. It features an open crotch for you to easily access the toilet, a removable bra, and a removable chest strap.

What to consider before buying a shapewear

There might be a lot of shapewear styles available in the market right now but it takes a while to find THE right one for you. Either this is your first time buying a shapewear or your nth time already, finding the most suitable for you is important.

One of the things to consider when buying a shapewear is the level of compression you want. There is light control, firm control, and extra firm control. Identifying this first is important because you don’t want to be uncomfortable whenever you wear your shapewear. Next is the area of your body you want to boost. If you want to flatten your stomach and slim your waist, go for waist trainers. If you want to tighten your thighs, go for shorts. If you want a full body compression, a bodysuit is the right one for you. Another thing to consider before purchasing a shapewear is your body type. The right shapewear for you will depend on your body type.

No matter what your body shape or size is, what your purpose is, Sculptshe has every style that fits your needs. Wearing a shapewear is not about faking how your body looks but it enhances your natural beauty, empowering you to feel more confident, sexier, and poised. You deserve to look and feel your best. And Sculptshe is here to help you with its high quality line of shapewears.