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How to Find Ideal Shapewear for Different Body Shapes

How to Find Ideal Shapewear for Different Body Shapes

How to Find Ideal Shapewear for Different Body Shapes

Shapewear has become of the most popular and also most effective ways to smooth out the silhouette of the body and to enhance the natural curves of the person that is wearing it. And no matter what is your end goal, is to slim your waistline, smooth out your thighs, or lift your butt, you are always going to be able to find a solution for every and each body type.

And, there are a lot of body types, as that’s the great thing about human beings. Not everyone looks the same, not everyone has the same body type, and not even the same height or size.

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Sometimes there are similarities for sure, which is important for people to be able to identify themselves with certain body types and be able to pick the right high compression shapewear or even the right pieces of clothing according to their bodies.

The good thing about it all is that nowadays, everyone can wear shapewear, no matter their body type. Back in the past, it was focused more on people who were skinnier but now, if you consider yourself a plus-size, woman, now you can find a plus size waist trainer and enjoy all the benefits it can bring to you and your figure.

We want to share with you some of the shapewear ideas that you can wear for different body types.


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The first body type is the hourglass. If you own an hourglass figure, it means that you have been blessed with curves in the right places. But even if you have this figure, you still can benefit from using shapewear. You can use it to smooth bumps or any lumps and to also enhance your curves.

In this case, it is a great idea to get high-waisted shapewear that can focus on targeting the midsection of the body. It is a great idea to look for pieces that might have built-in boning that will provide extra support. Another great idea can be wearing shaping shorts, which will enhance and lift your butt while also giving your hips and tights a nice smooth.


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If your body type is apple-shaped, this means that you carry most of the weight, around the midsection of your body. In this case, a body shaper is ideal to create a slimmer and more streamlined silhouette and to smooth out any of your bulges. In this case, great shapewear options for this body type are high-waisted shaping briefs. They will target not only your back but also your waist and tummy.

Another option is to try shaping tank tops, that can extend down to your hops. They will provide support and also full coverage. If possible, look and choose pieces that have a firmer compression to get maximum results.

If your body is pear-shaped, which means your weight is carried around the thighs and hip area, shapewear can be the best to smooth cellulite or any bulges while your butt gets a lift and an enhancement. For this type of body, then high-waisted shaping shorts are a great solution, as they will target your buttock, thighs, and also your hips. A shaping bodysuit can also be helpful to smooth your midsection. If possible, get pieces that provide targeted support and graduated compression and that also helps to improve your circulation.

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If you have a rectangle-shaped body, meaning that your figure is straight up and down and has little waist definition. Shapewear, in this case, will create the illusion of course, and enhance the natural body shape. Shaping briefs and shaping camisoles that have light to medium compression is the right choice.

If your body type is the inverted triangle, it means that you have a narrow waist and hips but broad shoulders. In this case, shapewear will help balance the proportions and create an hourglass silhouette. For this type of body, shaping briefs or even a shaping bodysuit are great options, and remember that they should have light to medium compression to get support.

And if you are full-figured, in this case, shapewear will smooth your silhouette out and once again, enhance your natural curves. In this case, a shaping bodysuit will get you the perfect coverage and if the piece has firm compression it’ll give you create smooth lines and get maximum support.