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How to Achieve an Hourglass Body: Food, Exercise and Waist Trainers

How to Achieve an Hourglass Body: Food, Exercise and Waist Trainers

How to Achieve an Hourglass Body: Food, Exercise and Waist Trainers 

An hourglass body consist of a generous bosom with the same or close to the size of the hips, and 10-12 inches smaller waist size. It is often associated with sexiness, femininity and empowerment.

Though all body shapes and sizes have its own charm, achieving an hourglass body is what some women want to do. If you're one of them, read long and follow this easy guide in achieving a voluptuous hourglass body without doing any surgery:

Achieve an Hourglass Body with a Healthy Diet

Whenever you look at the beautiful celebrities and influencers showing off their voluptuous hourglass bodies, it's easy to feel jealous, and even sad of our own bodies. However, you have to remember that what you see on social media doesn't match up to its reality.

Instead of looking at other people's figures, start with improving the inside of your body. What you eat will show through your physical attributes.

If you starve yourself, you're going to lose a lot of fats then muscles, and that's never good because you'll lose crucial fats around your body. Instead, choose alternative foods such as Avocado, almonds, fruits, white meat, and foods high in fibers for your diet.

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 If you're having a difficult time suppressing your cravings, there’s possibility that you're eating the wrong things. You can also get a consultation from a licensed nutritionist so that you can plan out your meals according to your weight and body goals, and your body's needs.

It's also a great tip to have many delicious but healthy snacks ready so that in case you get hungry in the middle of the night, you won't binge eat on junk foods that may cause excess weight.

Get a Well-Fitted Plus-Size Waist Trainer

If you're blessed with voluptuous curves, and want to achieve an hourglass shape, then you're one of the lucky ones!

Hourglass shape looks so amazing on plus-size women. All you have to do is invest in a reliable and durable waist cincher that wull give definition to your waist.

A waist trainer for plus size women with a belt is even better because the waist trainer will do the cinching, while the belt smoothens your stomach for a flatter and seamless look. 

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Get a Tummy Wrap for Tight-Fitting Clothing

As much as it's fun and easy to wear bulky waist trainers, it's not always the most appropriate to wear, especially if you're going to be wearing tight dress.

This is why a waist trainer wrap. will help have a stunning body no matter what you`re wearing. This is ideal for tight-fitting and mini dresses because you can totally customize it to smoothen out your muffin tops, cinch your waist, and lift your bust.

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Focus on Waist Cinching

 Regardless whether you're petite, average-sized, or plus-size, you can achieve an hourglass body if you focus on waist training. The most definitive measure of an hourglass body is having visibly smaller and slimmer waist that the shoulders, bust and hips.

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Enjoy an Hourglass Silhouette with a Mid-Level or High Compression Shaper

Eating right and exercising properly are some of the best ways to achieve a slimmer waist. However, as amazing it would be, it's not really possible to have dramatic changes after merely a night.

This is where mid-compression and high-level compression shapewear come in handy. A waisted seamless body shaper will fit you like a cling wrap while smoothing down any rolls, and fats for a sexy silhouette. At the same time, it has an amazing compression that will make your tummy slimmer and sexier without making you feel uncomfortable.

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Exercise the Right Way

For long-term, exercising plays a major role in shaping your body. These are easy exercises you need to incorporate to build your bottom, lose weight especially in your waist, and give you noticeably voluptuous figure:

  • Squats – Work your glutes and hamstrings by doing several sets of squats at least five times a week. This is also one of the best workouts if you want to have a bigger butt, which then would give you a perfectbody.

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  • Lunges – To strengthen and give your legs a lean look. There are different types of lunges but side lunges are the best in minimizing the look of cellulites and giving you sexy and slim thighs.
  • Wall Presses – This type of exercise is one of the easiest, only requiring you to face the wall and do vertical push-ups against the wall. This will tone your bust and shoulders. You can do this anytime, even if you`re not dressed to workout. You can simply do this for 10-15 times per set, and do 3-5 sets. This is an ideal exercise for those who don`t have a lot of time on their hands.
  • Sit-ups – This is a multi-muscle exercise that will help flatten your stomach, burn calories, and improve your balance and posture. This will give you a stunning and fit body.

Embrace your Body`s Curves

When you love your body`s curves, you feel it and you embrace it. When you embrace your body, you learn to see the beauty in each curve.

An hourglass body doesn`t have to be perfect, and with the help of Sculptshe`s thong shapewear bodysuit, you can achieve a sexy silhouette that will retain your size, but will smoothen any bumps and humps to reveal your curves.

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Achieving a certain body shape that's not natural to your body can pose some difficulties which is why the first step to any goal you want to achieve for your body is accepting and celebrating your natural curves.

 Eating lots of fiber, and practicing good eating habits with the help of a nutritionist, exercising right, and wearing an effective waist trainer consistently will help you get closer to achieving your dream body.