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Be Stylishly Ready for Your Figure with Sculptshe Shapewear

Be Stylishly Ready for Your Figure with Sculptshe Shapewear

Be Stylishly Ready for Your Figure with Sculptshe Shapewear

Cropped dresses, light-colored tops, and neon skirts are some of the summer fashion trends that you might want to try.  With the different clothing style, it's difficult to find a shapewear that will support your body. Hence, it's time to get ready with Sculptshe Shapewear that will help you achieve a sexy silhouette and make it easier for you to hop onto summer fashion trends!

Wear Your Fit and Flare Dress with a Side Zipper Lace Hem Body Shaper

A fit and flare dress is popular summer dress that is supposed to cinch your bory and flare at the bottome. Which means that the upper body should have noticeable curves to fully maximize the style of the dress. You can easily achieve this kind of body by in invest in a body shaper that will smoothen out your body rolls.

Sculptshe Side Zipper Lace Hem Body Shaper


What makes this side zipper shapewear the perfect fit and flare undergarment is that no matter how you twirl or flare, you're assured that you won't flash anybody because it has built in shorts.

Butt Lifter for That Cute Jeans

Whether you're wearing jeans, or a cute mini summer dress, having full bottoms always look good. However, not all of us are blessed with big bottoms. Hence, a little help won't hurt especially if it can make you look and feel good, right?

The straps or reinforcements below the butt lifts it and give it a round and fuller shape which is ideal if you're wearing fitted jeans or tight dresses.


Sculptshe Butt Lifter Tummy Control with Adjustable Strap


Hips Don`t Lie with the Best Shapewear

Another common ideal body type many women want to achieve is one that has bigger hips. It's not to say that bigger is always better but in this case, a voluptuous and hourglass shape is appealing. Most hourglass shape bodies tend to bave bigger hips, and smaller waist.

If you don't have time to exercise, especially if you have a summer event that you need to go to and look your best, Sculptshe's Hip Enhancer Shapewear will focus ok giving your waist a concave look.

This body shaper features a medium to strong compression with a light feel. It has a smooth finish and seams to ensure that it won't bulge under thin fabrics. The open hips design is also perfect if you want to add a hip pad. Due to its anti-roll feature, you don't have to worry about clothing malfunction.



Sculptshe Hip Enhancer Tummy Control Shapewear

Hourglass Elegance

Make summer even hotter by wearing a backless thong bodysuit that you an either wear underneath a sexy dress or wear it as is and just layer with a light cardigan or beach wrap-around.

Its fit is absolutely amazing as it sticks like a second skin while snoothening your body rolls and muffin tops. A slim shapewear makes for a cute top too which is awesome if the heat is too much and if you want to show some skin.


Sporty with Sculptshe Shapewear

Are you a sporty gal who loves to run around the beach, or are you someone who loves to move around a lot? The perfect body shapewear for you is here!

We all know that the summer time can be quite humid and can cause us to sweat a lot. Sweating can be gross especially if it's visible through your clothes which is why it's important to be protected with an undergarment that won't transfer the sweat onto your clothes.

This backless shapewear will make you wear any outfit you want without worrying about visible sweats on your clothes.

Sculptshe Body Sculpt Backless Shapewear


Fun In the Sun with a Sexy Top!

Showing your midriff is the new sexy. You can wear a cropped long-sleeve top but it would look sexy. Wearing cropped tops is a cute way to look sexy and appealing ithout showing too much skin.

However, wearing cropped tops may be difficult for thos who have the habit of bodyshaping wherever they go. You'll probably love Sculptshe's matching shapewear that has a cropped bra-like top which hides bra fat and support the busts through thick straps and front closure. It also has a pair of stretchable shorts with zipper closure to keep your tummy tucked in.

Due to its versatile design, this kind of shapewear is also suitable for cut-out dressbfzps.














Sculptshe High Waisted Zipper Butt Lifting Shorts




Crop It Like It's hot!


Perfect for all ladies who want bust support at the same time hide bra fat, this shapewear boats a seamless design that's fantastic for long-sleeved dresses and tops. This is a good alternative if you don`t like constricting bras, and want to use your own, or if you simply want to put nipple pads.


Whether you're wearing a crop top, a backless top, or a tight dress, Sculptshe has every body shaper you need to support your bust, butt, tummy, and sometimes your arms and thighs. They're an excellent investment as they will give noticeable difference to your daily looks.