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4 Best Body Shaperwears & Tips on How to Style Them

4 Best Body Shaperwears & Tips on How to Style Them

4 Best Body Shaperwears & Tips on How to Style Them

Nowadays, shapewear has become even more popular than it ever was, as there are some celebrities that promote them and show us all the amazing benefits, they can bring to us. It’s not hard to find great ones online, like the ones Sculptshe has to offer.

We will be sharing our favorite body shaper and some tips on how to style them from the brand, as we believe they have amazing benefits and also great prices that will allow you to get your hand on one of them so you can always feel and look great.

The waist trainer will give you also a smoother figure and a smaller waist while it helps you lose some weight during the process.

If you want to get a smaller waist in the long term, you can always wear a plus size waist trainer.

And finally, they also offer a waist trainer wrap that will help you easily burn fat and calories, no matter if you are working out or just sitting all day at home, going about your daily activities, or working at your office.


Sculptshe Tummy Wrap Waist Trainer

First, we have the Full Coverage Postpartum Recovery Sculpting Bodysuit. It will adjust comfortably to your body helping you to recuperate your amazing figure after surgery or pregnancy. It has triangle contour cups that will support your bust. As always, an open crotch for easy bathroom use. It also has hook and eye and zip closures on the front that make it easy to wear.

It has also wide should straps, that will relieve you from pain and stress during your different activities, also has an adjustable hook and eye closure that will give you a snug fit. It has a lace trim on the opening that enhances your hourglass figure and hip shape. The hip and bust areas will prevent you from flattening your natural curves. The belly area has a 3 layers of fabric that will reinforce the tummy control effect.  

Sculptshe Full Coverage Postpartum Recovery Sculpting Bodysuit

Next, we have the Lycra Curve Smoothing Bodysuit. This one will offer you the best curves in all the right places while becoming a must-have in your closet. This one features a gusset with eye & hook closures for easy bathroom use. Made of lycra fabric that is soft, skin-friendly, and breathable. It won’t get deformed after stretching it.

The waist part is stretchy and compresses your fat while providing moderate pressure that will shape your abdomen and waist. The shoulder strap will stay in place and won’t slip and also have hemming openings that prevent rolls-up or squeezing when you move. And finally, the bust and booty areas have a full coverage knitting mesh that won’t let your natural curves flatten while keeping ventilation.

You can pair this one with high-waist jeans and amazing heels, or under any dress you want.

Sculptshe Lycra Curve Smoothing Bodysuit

Then, we have the Seamless Mesh Tummy Control Butt Lifter Shorts. It was designed for those who want to be confident and comfortable while getting a flawless finish. The fabric is lightweight and provides medium control, and also has super soft yarns, providing less squeeze and all-day shaping. The but area will not only give you a butt lift but also has a mesh detail that provides breathable wear.

You can wear it all day and all night, as it is comfy enough to do so. It’s also invisible under your clothes and you won’t have to worry about the panty lines… your body will look sleek and also smooth. It has a 360º tummy smoothing medium compression and seamless fabric that also provides breathability.

Sculptshe Seamless Mesh Tummy Control Butt Lifter Shorts

And finally, we have the Body Sculpt Backless Shapewear. It is breathable and lightweight. It features an elastic layer of fabric near the belly to provide enhanced tummy control and keep you refreshed during the day. It is made out of 82% nylon and 18% lycra, making it soft and skin-friendly.

Also has an open gusset design that will give you easy bathroom access. The leg opening will stay invisible under your clothes and the straps are adjustable and dig-free providing a perfect fit and comfort. It’s perfect for low-cut or even backless dresses.


 Sculptshe Body Sculpt Backless Shapewear